Link BUILDING Strategies 2023.

How to Get Backlinks to Your Website?

Backlinks are very important to your website ranking. It is one of the factors that google use to rank your website. Quality backlinks are more crucial than any other links.

Most website want value in return to give you a backlink. You need to build win-win relationship to increase your site authority. You should also provide good link in return and not one side offer. Take it as value exchange, a kind of a trade to gain value for both sides.

Google takes your site serious and ranks top when you have quality backlinks. Links increase your site visibility and hence increase your visitors which translates to high revenue.

Some factors that determine link value.

1. Dofollow and Nofollow.

Dofollow link contributes to SEO ranking and Nofollow link has no effect. Nofollow link has a small tag which signals search crawler that the link should not affect the ranking score of the page.

Dofollow link, search crawler like google will follow the link to an external page and give SEO value.

Affiliate links and sponsored links are example of Nofollow link since they don’t have effect on ranking score.

2. Domain rating of the linking website.

Link value is determined by domain rating of the website you are getting link from.

Domain rating ranges from 0-100, 100 being the highest rate and 0 being the lowest. New websites DR=0, middle websites have20-50 and major one have 50-99.

A link from site with 20 domain rate is of low value compare to link from a site of domain rating 90.

The links from other high domain rating websites boosts confidence in google view on your website. It makes google believe you are providing valuable resource.

3. URL rating of linking page.

URL rating is same as domain rating only the difference comes in domain rating involves entire website while URL involves page.

A link from 40 URL rating is more valuable than a link from 10 URL rating which is of low value.

4. Placement of the link in the linking article.

The external links that are on top of the page give more value than the links on the bottom of the page.

To increase the value of external links always prefer links on the first paragraph.

5. Relevancy of the link.

A backlink from a website related to the niche you operate in is more valuable than a backlink you get from totally unrelated niche website.

Always emphasis on getting links from website of same field which add great value on the ranking score.

6. Internal linking.

Putting your site links in the articles you write on your website, it may add some value although it may not make a big difference.

Such kind of links keep visitors on your website by reading more of your articles.

Link building strategies to focus on.

1. Guest post.

Guest post is among the best strategies to get backlinks.

It has 2 advantages, one you get backlink to boost your domain rating that make your site rank top and you get referral visitors that increase your website traffic.

You should look for websites that are related to your niche then write them a guest post for their site and request them to link you back.

Write a valuable content with internal link to the other website. Look for high domain rate websites to write guest articles.

Don’t over use this strategy, use it wise with different websites to avoid google penalties.

2. Outreach.

What is outreach?

It is looking for websites on your niche introducing them to your content.

You can use this technique once you have some good number of articles on your site.

In outreach you should give high quality backlinks to other website to get some backlink later from them.

When they see the value of backlink you provide them they will definitely link you back.

3. community site link building.

It is important to build link with other sources of platforms like Facebook, quora and reddit and more of such. You can get some relevant links and increase your market share by gaining more visitors.

4. broken link building.

What to look into with broken link building?

  • Create resource similar to that of broken link
  • Consider the relevancy of the link.
  • Ask website linking to the dead sites to link to your active resources.

There are quite large number of websites willing to swap with their dead links to working links.

How to find relevant broken links?

Use tools like Ahrefs site explorer to find the broken links.

You can easily get good opportunities by maximizing such chances.

Go to site explorer=enter the targeted sites domain=best of the links=add filters=will take you to available data.

5. unlinked mentions.

You approach websites that mentioned your domain in their articles to give you backlink.

To find out sites that mentioned you in their content you use sites such as Ahrefs explorer.

With such websites who mentioned your domain are easy to give you backlink.

6. Replicate your competitor’s backlinks strategy.

It is among the most popular strategy which is simple and easy to do it. You can look into the backlink profile of websites you compete with. find the analytical report in competitor’s tab and analyze to get many backlinks info.

This strategy works in 2 ways:

  1. Improve your website ranking by building backlinks as you replicate your competitor’s backlinks.
  2. Increase traffic to your website by learning a lot from your competitors.

Once you learn where experienced websites place their backlinks, you will look into those websites on which you place your link.

Use Backlink Gap tool to compare your domain backlinks and those of your competitors.

7. Reciprocal links.

It is an agreement between two websites who link to each other.

This strategy if over used google recognizes and considers ranking manipulation. The strategy may lower your website domain authority.

Things to avoid in link building:

  • Buying links from other sites.
  • Spamming links in comment section.
  • Bribes for links.

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