The Keyword Research in 2023.

What is keyword research?

It is the process of looking for phrases or words which you want to rank on search engines like Google.

Keyword research is the basic requirement to consider when choosing a topic to write so that your content ranks top pages of Google. The key target is organic traffic to see your content. If you want your content to show up on the Google search then you need to be very conscious about keyword strategy and application.

It is to know what the customers are searching for, analyze and compare to find the best one.

Why is keyword research important?

Most people just write content and publish without considering keyword research hence not getting traffic from Google.

Keyword research helps one know what people are searching on search engines then create content based on that then rank on search engines.

The best way to do keyword research is to use keyword research tools.

Understanding purchase intent.

It is probably by which a customer buys something from your website. It is very important to understand purchase intent and actual purchase behaviour in the market.

How can we increase our chances of making sales in the market?

We increase our chances of making great sales by understanding why people buy and what they always buy. Find out the goods and services they buy and find a way to sell to them.

There are 2 kinds of purchase intent.

  • Direct purchase – it is the immediate intention to buy something for example buying a new laptop.
  • Indirect purchase – it is wanting to buy something later due to not having enough cash now for example planning to purchase a laptop when the budget accommodates such a plan.

A Quick Primer on how websites make money.

Websites make money in 4 different ways:

  1. Product; selling your own product through the e-commerce platforms.
  2. Services; Selling digital services like courses, coaching and writing for companies.
  3. Ad revenue; Your website can get ad banners and sponsors for some marketing digital product or service.
  4. Affiliate marketing; Selling someone else product through the affiliate link given.

Keyword research should focus on transactional affiliate marketing keywords that can generate income for your website.

Bloggers do not have products or courses to sell at the beginning. The best way to make money is through affiliate marketing. Therefore, to make something out of this market you need to invest in keyword research.

The only 2 blog post formats you need.

1. Product promotion and reviews.

Product reviews serve the purchase intent by giving transactional info that generates income.

Should always do keyword research by finding product-related keyword terms in the niche search history and include your keyword for the product review word best. For example the best laptop.

Product buyers are looking for trustworthy third-party reviews for more reliable information. At the beginning include your keyword with the word the best to make it rank at the top. Find the products that are sold in your niche which you can rank and sell them.

2. How-to articles.

How do articles serve informational search intent which gets much traffic, collects email lists and builds confidence to make future purchases.

One should create how-to-do-things articles for example how to create a website.

The best way to rank is to use keyword explorer tools like Ahrefs, SEMRush or Moz that make work easier and also help find new keyword ideas.

Keyword search tools show you keyword difficulty, monthly search quantity, CPC and more.

Factors to consider when promoting a product.

1. Price of the product.

High prices can generate good commissions but too high prices can lower the conversion rate of the product.

2. Commission type.

Whether the commission is a one-time payment or a recurring payment.

3. Brand reputation.

Known brands convert faster than unknown brands.

4. Cookie duration.

The duration you get paid after a customer makes clicks on your affiliate link. The shorter the cookie duration the better. It may take 30 days, 60 days or more.

Use the affiliate promo link in the brand heading, on the content and bottom of the content.

Affiliate marketing is the best if you are ranking and getting enough visitors to your site that convert.

To scale fast, always look at how the most popular blogs are structured and model their format.

Keyword Research Matrix.

The keyword research matrix finds new and existing keyword combinations that are useful for products.

The 4 keyword research matrix level of intent;

1. Golden tickets.

Golden tickets (High volume and High Intent).

This keyword has high monthly visitors with high CPC and high affiliate revenue. Golden tickets keyword research matrix is a more valuable due high volume of searches and high intent to make purchases.

Here the competition is high but it is worth a lot.

Make sure your content is relevant to Google search engine intent and it solves customers’ problems.

2. Brand builders.

Brand builders (High volume and Low intent).

High search volumes of more than 5000 and low affiliate sales. This keyword research matrix focuses most on informational articles since affiliate revenue is low. It helps in gaining more email subscribers which are pursued later purchases.

3. Diamond in the rough.

Diamond in the rough (Low volume and High Intent).

This is keyword research that has low monthly search volume but has a high conversion rate.

It has low competition that can boost your sales and organic traffic.

The importance of this keyword is low volume=less competition=quick ranking=quick conversion=great profits.

Therefore, if you get such keywords that rank and convert you are good to go. For example, 20 searches per month in one keyword and 50% converts, then you look for 10 keywords of such which can generate good income with little effort.

4. Uniquely You.

Uniquely You (No Keyword Research Needed).

This technique does not waste time and resources on keyword research. Your courses and brand are unique on their own.

This keyword is mostly a long-tailed keyword that most people don’t use it. It is less competitive and less known to most keyword tools.

Writing your First 5 blog posts.

Start your blog with small articles as you increase your knowledge and audience. Be smart in presenting your message and be consistent. At least write a blog post every week.

Write attractive titles that make readers glued to your content. Make your wording, sentences and phrases short.

Include to your articles things like numbering, photos, bulleting and graphs where possible.

Advanced Keyword Research.

Advanced Keyword Research Demystifying Keyword Difficult.

You can look for what you can rank by use of SEO tools like Ahrefs.

Sometimes you find:

  • Keywords with a low difficulty score are hard to rank- the reason being domain rating and URL rating.
  • Keywords with high difficulty are easy to rank- the reason being how-to articles are easier to rank than transactional intent articles.

Who is On Page One?

1. Domain Rating (DR).

Domain rating is used to measure the quality of the website. Domain rating (DR) is crucial in search engine optimization and website advancement.

Domain rating is a system developed by Google to measure websites available to them and give score numbers by considering website structure, content, traffic and more.

The higher the domain rating the better for SEO and for your website.

Domain rating ranges from 0 to 100. From that scale 100 is of high quality while 0 is of low quality.

2. URL Rating (UR).

URL rating is used to measure the quality of individual posts whereas DR measures entire domain quality.

When you publish your post it gets a low ranking score of about 10 but with time score increases. Backlinks boost site ranking.

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