11 Best Website Builders in 2023.

What is the best website builder?

Website builders are a quick and simple way to build your business brand that offers a drag-and-drop interface to create your website without having knowledge of coding. Boost your online business by creating a professional website by choosing the best web builder. Website builders ease your work by helping you with domain registration, site designs and hosting activities into one platform. They offer customer support 24/7 and customizable templates.

1. Wix.

The best website builder for small businesses. It is the most popular with more than 100 million users as a web builder. Wix has more than enough templates to use and design your website in any niche. Its designs are attractive with advanced features. Wix is highly user-friendly with a lot of customizability to make your site more appealing without knowledge of coding.

Its monthly plan starts at $8.50 which is better for small businesses. You can as well add e-commerce to your site where you can sell products online with a monthly subscription of $20.


  • Mobile optimization, making your website look great on any device.
  • Advance SEO tools.
  • Good templates.
  • Advance design features for your website.
  • Good editor to edit your website without having coding knowledge.

2. Squarespace.

Squarespace web builder has the best creative designs although is somehow sophisticated. It creates a customizable website and e-commerce store on one platform. It has a free trial start and its pay plan ranges from $14-$49 per month. Squarespace builds attractive sites for small businesses or personal websites. It has enough templates to choose from and use on your site. Squarespace offers a monthly plan for personal sites for $12/month.


  • Customizable templates that make your site look great.
  • Different content creation on either blog or e-commerce.
  • Design and layout in-built to make your site attractive.
  • Good SEO to optimize your site online and keyword research aid.
  • Professional-looking website.

3. Zyro.

It is best for small businesses with a limited budget, it offers a plan that starts at $2.6/month. It is easy to use and it has clean templates to use for your design. It is a user-friendly, especially beginner solution.

You easily use their drag and drop to customize your website without the need of having coding knowledge.

Customer support 24/7 helps you get started faster and sell online your goods and services.


  • Free hosting that enables you to get started immediately.
  • Drag and drop editor that enables you to customize your site easily.
  • Easy to see your site performance.
  • Improve site speed.
  • Payment is universal hence enabling your customer to pay by any means.

4. GoDaddy.

GoDaddy is the best website builder for creating websites easily and optimizing content fast. It is user-friendly.

It has a simple layout to make your site attractive and high speed in building your site. It is known for domain registration at a better price. It has a price range of $6.99-$29.99 monthly plan.


  • Simple to use with drag and drop editor to customize your site by using a lot of templates available to be used.
  • SSL certificate to secure your site and improve SEO.
  • Reaching a large audience through email and social media marketing.
  • Start selling your product immediately without needing a separate e-commerce store.

5. Weebly.

Best website builder with a free plan. Its monthly plan price ranges from a free plan-$26 monthly.

Weebly is a simple website builder with a lot of good templates to make a good-looking website.

You can use Weebly as a blogger or e-commerce by choosing your domain name and photo.

It has a mobile App to track the performance of your site. Weebly is good at marketing and SEO tools.


  • Has the ability to sell your product by turning your website into an online store.
  • It allows you to design your website the way you want.
  • Easy to use and share on social media.

6. Jimdo.

Jimdo is the best personal website builder which creates fast simple websites.

It has basic features needed for simple and personal websites. It has advanced SEO and analytical reporting. Jimdo has an AI tool that is helpful in terms of site building. It has social media integration to make your site sharing easy.

Jimdo’s monthly plan starts at $9/month and they have a free plan that has limited features.

7. WordPress.com.

It is the most popular website builder that is used by millions across the world.

WordPress is more technical and requires knowledge to navigate well. You can use wordpress.org which is an advanced content management system or you use the self-hosted wordpress.com for website building.

WordPress.com you can create for a website blog or online store. They offer a free plan as well as a monthly fee ranging from $4-$45.

It offers you limitless options and features. WordPress.com gives you sensible prices and high-quality tools to optimize your website.


  • Good SEO plugin to advance the site.
  • Security and technical confidence.
  • Affordable prices.

8. Shopify.

The best website builder for e-commerce stores. When selling products online this is the best website builder in that area. Free plan available. Their monthly plan ranges from $29-$299.

It is popular in e-commerce and it has the most features for sales parameters. Shopify has good security and good integration tools.


  • Have many professional themes to use on your website.
  • A free SSL certificate to enhance security measures.
  • SEO and marketing features for your site.
  • Customer support 24/7.

9. Duda.

Duda is a website builder that is easy to use with its drag and drop functionality, good templates and better design.

It has good themes and a better SEO tool to optimize the website.

Duda’s basic plan starts at $14 per month.

You can increase the speed with multiple pages with design and editor based on the content store.

Duda is a good website builder, especially for agencies.

Good customer support.

10. HubSpot.

HubSpot is website a builder with the best website tools integrated into it. You can create website pages, blog posts and landing pages using the HubSpot platform.

It is easier to use with its drag-and-drop website building functionality.

It has great marketing software which sends email marketing and personalized details to your customer. its basic plan starts from $45/month.

Chatbot to deliver the message, capture the leads and analytical tools.

Customer support in case of any problem to be solved.

It is an expensive website builder with a range of $45/month to $3200/month.

11. Webflow.

Webflow website builder helps in building websites and launching and as well hosting websites.

It is the best professional designer with its plan starting at $12/month.

It has HTML5, JavaScript and CSS to build the website the way you want.

Webflow is easier to use with its drag and drop elements to customize your site.

It has a good animation effect and themes to optimize your website.

Webflow has inbuilt SEO tools and e-commerce tools.


  • Customer support is available through email.
  • You can add up to 100 pages to your website.
  • You can add and edit the content.
  • It has automated backups.
  • SSL certificate for security and speed uptime of 99.9%.
  • You can add some team to work on a single dashboard. click for more info

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