25 Best Small Business Ideas in 2023 Online.

What are the Best Small Business Ideas?

The best online business ideas emerge from the confluence of passion, skills, strategic thinking, and timing. As most businesses are moving online, things are changing rapidly.

Starting a business is a great way to become your own boss and make money on your own terms. But coming up with the right idea can be overwhelming. There are so many small business ideas out there, it can be hard to know where to start.

Fortunately, there are some tried-and-true small business ideas that have been proven to work well for entrepreneurs of all levels. From selling homemade products online to becoming a virtual assistant, here are just some of the best small business ideas that you should consider starting today.

1. Blogging business.

Below is the list of business ideas that are well elaborated for you to start your business immediately.

The blog is a low-risk business idea that can generate income in the following ways:

  • coaching and consulting.
  • E-commerce
  • Affiliate marketing
  • ads

A blog allows you to sell all of these from a single website and maximize your profits.

Start best blogging practices and start treating your site like a business.

Treat your blog as a business and do the work as soon as possible so that you make a decent income in a few months.

Select the best niche to do for your business.

Know how SEO and KEYWORDS are working to generate more traffic to your site as well as improve your ranking through them.

Start link building through guest blogging or outreach to increase your domain authority and then monetize your blog with the right strategy and tactics.

2. SEO Consultant.

The idea of becoming an SEO consultant is one of the best small business ideas for entrepreneurs who want to start their own businesses. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the practice of optimizing websites and other web content to increase visibility in search engines.

As an SEO consultant, you will work with clients to help them achieve higher rankings on major search engines such as Google and Bing. You will also provide guidance and advice on how to create more effective content that will help boost their website’s rankings in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).

With the right combination of technical knowledge and marketing savvy, you can become a successful SEO consultant who helps your clients reach new heights in their online visibility.

3. Affiliate marketing.

Best Small Business Ideas

Affiliate marketing is selling someone else product to get commissions that can sustain your expense and livelihood.

Affiliate marketing is a true business model where bloggers make a decent amount of money by recommending products and services they like and hence earn commissions. It is an excellent source of passive income for bloggers. To begin, create an account with affiliate marketing sites like Click bank, digistore24, warrior plus and much more.

4. Freelance Content Marketing.

Freelance has created professionals such as writers and graphic designers to use their skills to create high-quality, shareable content for businesses and media outlets. It is easier than ever to market yourself as a professional service provider, Social media and the 24-hour news have created a perfect storm of opportunity for creativity in the growing economy of freelance and contract workers. Writers of content are in high demand. If you have a talent for writing engaging stories and articles, you can turn your talents into a profitable freelance writing business. Now is much easier with emerging of AI content generators.

You can write content for a variety of purposes, such as website copy and sales pages, Freelance eBook Writing, Amazon Kindle Publishing, blog posts, and email newsletters. Experienced freelancers can earn $800 to $5,000 per week. You can also participate in and earn a lot of income from the same. we recommend AI such as Rytr and Jasper to scale content writing.

5. Start a Podcast.

Best Small Business Ideas

Podcasting is one of those great business ideas that is taking off like wildfire. The number of people who listen to podcasts is increasing rapidly due to the increase in technological facilities. Considering that you can make a lot of money.

The way to start the business is to create a podcast episode plan and acquire quality podcast software and equipment. The next step is to sign up for podcast hosting. A podcast host is a service that stores and distributes your audio files to major podcast networks such as iTunes, Spotify and much more others. You can easily learn all the necessary podcasting requirements and launch your shows easily. You can generate income through sponsorships, subscriptions and ads.

6. Website Development.

Best Small Business Ideas

Website design and development is a crucial skill to have to meet the increasing demand for new web launches in the current digital world. There are many web builders that help in building websites for small businesses. Website developers are required to create good websites with efficient coding and more custom designs. You can begin your career by offering competitive pricing for your services and then gradually transform it into a more profitable business by building your business.

Web developers should be able to code in computer languages such as JavaScript, HTML and CSS. You can do this through small online courses.

7. Online Courses and Coaching.

Online course creators share ideas, knowledge and expertise online. You can then create an online course that you sell at an affordable price. put effort on build your online business through online coaching where you create a Facebook page or YouTube channel to reach your customers. Make sure you provide valuable service to your customers to maintain and build trust in your work. Use any resource available to market your product, there are many online platforms that can help you get started faster. Register on these platforms and start your coaching business immediately. Use platforms like Teachable or Thinkific. 

8. Translator.

Translators are in high demand, having knowledge of more than one language is advantageous and it can help you earn good money. Organize your business and offer the quality response required. Translations are needed to be timely, accurate and affordable.

9. Start an Ecommerce Business.

Best Small Business Ideas

Drop shipping is a business where you sell a product to the customer without you stocking the product. there are quality e-commerce platforms to use for your business.

Drop shipping is good and easier for beginners since one is not bound to ship or store the product itself. it is a profitable business idea where you market for the product and then send the order details to the wholesaler to supply the product to the customer. You make a good income this way. You need to believe in yourself and be honest with your customers. The best platform to use is Alibaba/AliExpress.

10. Data Analysis.

Best Small Business Ideas

Data analysis is in high demand. Online businesses need more carefully analyzed data for decision-making. If you have knowledge of data analysis you can help many thirsty entrepreneurs to advance their businesses. You can make a fortune by analyzing data. Use tools like google analytics and get starting job with platforms like Flexjobs to develop skills and experience.   

11. Create a YouTube Channel.

Best Small Business Ideas

YouTube is where you create content based on your niche and post them as videos. With YouTube, there are a lot of opportunities to make money. You can use affiliate links in your description to promote products and earn a commission. You can as well create courses of diverse use for sale. Most people earn income through posting videos after fulfilling the required qualifications which are over 1000 subscribers and over 4000 watch time hours.

12. Instagram.

Instagram is where you create content based on your niche and post them as videos and photos. You can use affiliate links in your description to promote products and earn a commission. You can as well create courses of diverse use for sale. Most people earn income through selling products or services.

13. Become an App developer.

The app developer can create an app for different users depending on market demand. You can make apps since it does not require high coding skills. Make some research to see what is important for the app you want to create. For example niche, cover, description and reviews.

14. Graphic Designs.

Best Small Business Ideas

A lot of companies are looking for good graphic designers to brand their companies. There are many opportunities in graphic design such as website designing, logos creation, landing page designing, banners and posters design. You can join various platforms like Flexjobs to sell yourself and get exposure as well as generate income at last.

15. Sell Custom Printed Products.

Custom merchandise is big business now, and personalized goods and services are in high demand. You can personalize and start selling immediately products like T-shirts, jumpers, shoes, accessories and any other thing you can print and sell.

16 Home Tutoring.

Home tutoring is a form of teaching that occurs around the home environment. Here you are hired to teach someone especially students struggling in classroom lessons that need to be boosted. This kind of business is in high demand and if you are knowledgeable in an area you can make a good income.

17. Video Editor.

Best Small Business Ideas

The video editing business is a good opportunity for a person with some knowledge about it although you can still learn how to do it through different platforms or websites that provide courses on it. You are required to have skills, marketing potential and an operational plan.

18. Buy Domain names and sell them.

Buying and selling of domain names is a lucrative source of income although is not muchly reliable. It is a good idea for a side hustle that can generate income for you. If you buy trending domain names, you can sell them and get a profit from them. The best way to succeed with this is to look for domain names that have the potential to be sold.

19. Coffee Shop.

Coffee shop investment is a good idea but it requires some considerations like planning, location, branding and marketing your business as well. You have to do more research on your customers’ needs and preferences to succeed. You will also need to talk to and learn from your competitors.

20. Food Delivery Service.

It is a lucrative market now. The delivery business idea is easy to start with a small amount of money. Its demand is increasing, therefore, you can make a lot of decent income. What you should consider when starting your business, are the cost of starting, your customer preference, the market itself, legitimacy and more.

21. Email marketing.

Email marketing is sending an advertisement message of what you sell to a list of people you are targeting by use of email marketing software. It is one of the most performing business strategies. it is always automated and does not require SEO or keyword ranking strategy. For an effective email marketing campaign to be successful it requires the following:

  • Email list
  • Email service provider
  • Plans for the goals you want to achieve.

22. Air travel business agency.

Travel agencies earn revenue through commissions from customers they book. Most of the customers are people who are travelling abroad. Most of your agent clients are business people, people seeking medical treatment abroad or tourists visiting another country for leisure. Travel services are expanding and you can make a good income. For profitability and smooth operation, you need to:

  • Register your agency and pay taxes.
  • Plan for your operational goal.
  • Set up your travel agency website and communication system.
  • Get set of all necessary requirements.

23. Digital Marketing Manager.

Digital marketing managers are becoming increasingly important for small businesses as they are responsible for creating and executing digital marketing strategies. Digital marketing is an invaluable tool for small businesses, allowing them to market their products and services to a wide audience without breaking the bank.

Small business owners should consider hiring a digital marketing manager to help them create effective campaigns that will grow their brand and cultivate customer loyalty. A good digital marketing manager will have experience with search engine optimization (SEO), content creation, email campaigns, social media strategy, web design, analytics and more. With their expertise in these areas, they can develop plans that will increase website traffic, lead generation and sales.

24. Virtual Assistant.

Are you looking for the best small business ideas that leverage virtual assistants? The market for virtual assistants is growing rapidly due to the fact that businesses are now able to outsource tasks to a virtual assistant instead of hiring an employee. This provides businesses with cost savings and allows them to focus on their core competencies. Virtual assistants can help in a variety of areas from customer service and data entry to social media management and website design. With the right skills, a virtual assistant can be an invaluable asset to any small business.

25. consulting Business.

Consulting businesses are a great option for entrepreneurs looking to save time and money while still leveraging their business acumen. With the right expertise, a consulting business can help small businesses flourish by providing invaluable advice on how to make improvements and achieve success. From developing marketing strategies to implementing financial systems, consultants are able to offer guidance and support that often leads to better business results. As such, consulting is one of the best small business ideas for those seeking to start their own venture.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQS)

How much money is enough to start a business?

In order to start up a profitable small business, you need at least $500-$5,000 as a bare minimum. There are many inexpensive options for starting such as purchasing a ready-made product or service and reselling it. To determine your financial needs and whether they are realistic in your situation, first calculate how much you could make from the sale of the product or service you plan on offering.


Starting a small business is an exciting and challenging endeavour. With the right idea, dedication, and determination, anyone can turn their passion into a successful business venture. Whether you are looking to start an online store or open a brick-and-mortar shop, there are many different small business ideas that you can explore. From home services to retail shops, there is an entrepreneurial opportunity for everyone. These best small business ideas will equip you with the knowledge and tools needed to succeed in the world of entrepreneurship.

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