10 Best Email Marketing Software in 2023.

What is email marketing?

To run a successful online business, you need email marketing software. To do your work well you should choose the best email marketing software. There are many email marketing software and here we assembled the list of the best 10.

  • Sendinblue.
  • Campaigner.
  • HubSpot.
  • Constant Contact.
  • ActiveCampaign.
  • ConvertKit.
  • MailChimp.
  • GetResponse.
  • MailerLite.
  • Moosend.

1. Sendinblue.

Sendinblue is the best email marketing software that is automated. It offers more than email marketing. Their monthly plan starts at $25/mo.

It is all in one shopping platform that offers email, chat, Facebook, CRM, SMS and more. They help you meet your goal.

Sendinblue is easy to use and it has a free plan of unlimited contacts. It can send up to 300 emails per day.

It has an AI system that sends newsletters that increases engagement between you and your customer. Easy to see statistics of your engagement and learn how to progress.

They make your work easier by automating your activities.


  • SMS and Chat inbuilt to send text messages to your contacts.
  • Facebook ads that generate more leads.
  • Transactional emails to reach interested contacts.
  • Good email templates.
  • Sendinblue creates an email campaign immediately.
  • Their free plan is limited to some extent.

2. Campaigner.

In case you are looking for a tool to make your marketing on several channels then you have the campaigner. It has great marketing automation features.

Campaigner has advanced readymade templates to design your emails.

You can see your conversion statistics, send emails and follow up with the interested client.

Campaigner helps you create personalized emails that attract and capture many leads who become your short and long-term customers.

Its monthly plan starts from $59/mo.


  • Good email templates.
  • Advanced campaign.
  • Easy workflow through automation.
  • Wide range of customizability.
  • Automated email marketing that saves you time and energy.
  • Immediate campaign to increase subscribers and sales.
  • Making the ultimate email template will require time and energy.

3. HubSpot.

HubSpot is one of the best email marketing platforms that create personalized professional-looking emails.

It has great templates that help in customizing emails. It has inbuilt HubSpot CRM on its platform.

Use their drag-and-drop editor to change an element you want to improve on.

HubSpot is a highly integrated marketing system to work with. Their templates allow you to add text, photos and all different kinds of layouts.

HubSpot’s monthly plan price starts from $45/mo.


  • Drag-and-drop template editor to create attractive emails.
  • Has inbuilt HubSpot CRM platform.
  • Protects data and improves engagements.
  • A/B testing that helps in best email messaging.
  • Automated email marketing process that saves time and energy.
  • Fast campaigns to generate email lists.
  • Good customer support.

May require learning some features usage.

4. Constant Contact.

Best email marketing software for small businesses. It makes you create an email marketing campaign like a pro. Constant Contact has an email editor that helps in design and customizability. It creates great professional email.

Constant Contact offers email automation and social media marketing for lead capture, it creates websites and landing pages.

It has special e-commerce email marketing tools to grow your online store.

Constant Contact has many features to optimize your email marketing campaigns.

Mobile optimization is improved to engage and help customers convert.

Statistical reporting and analytics to see your progress.

Their monthly plan starts from $9.99/mo.

Good customer support in case of any issues to be solved.


  • It builds websites and landing pages.
  • Email editor to design professional-looking emails.
  • Social marketing to post ads and track your performance.
  • Email automation.
  • Good e-commerce tools.
  • Simple to create email lists.
  • Easy to create targeted email campaigns to enhance sales.
  • Automated email marketing that saves time and energy.
  • Professionally designed templates.
  • Need to increase customer support speed.

5. ActiveCampaign.

ActiveCampaign is the best email marketing software for small businesses. It is an affordable email marketing platform with a monthly plan starting from $9/mo.

It has helpful features such as; automation, triggered emails, A/B testing, autoresponder and more.

It integrates with many apps which help in capturing leads and increasing sales.

Strong email deliverability platform in the email marketing software, most of their email sends reach the primary inbox of outlook and Gmail.

It is easy to use to create an email marketing campaign with step-by-step guidance.

Good customer support that answers your questions.


  • Builds landing pages.
  • To find the best converting emails it has A/B testing.
  • Personalize emails on the contact lists you have.
  • Attractive email marketing campaigns that increase sales.
  • View the statistics of the site and its progress.
  • Easy and simple to use.
  • Advanced email marketing campaigns.
  • Saves time and energy through automation.

Many app integrations may confuse statistics.

6. ConvertKit.

ConvertKit is the best email marketing for creators and it can also be used for e-commerce businesses. It has many good features with a clean interface platform.

ConvertKit features are landing pages, automation, segmentation lists, opt-in forms, personalization and more.

It has better integration with many platforms and a good email sequence. It has a free plan that accommodates up to 300 subscribers.

ConvertKit is affordable email marketing software with a monthly plan that starts from $9/mo.


  • It creates personalized email campaigns.
  • Creates professional forms for sign-up and landing pages for email marketing.
  • Automation system that increases sales.
  • Easy to use and fast email campaigns.
  • Good automation system.
  • Good customer support.
  • Limited free plan.

7. MailChimp.

MailChimp is one of the popular email marketing software that is used by creators to optimize their sales. It is beginner friendly that offers email automation, personalization of templates, lead capturing forms, A/B testing, CRM integration and more. You can as well use this platform to build free websites, create landing pages, make paid ads and buy domains.

MailChimp email marketing has millions of customers and its plan starts from $11/mo.

Its free plan accommodates up to 2000 subscribers and 12000 send emails per month. Their free plan offers autoresponders, analytical statistics, third-party integration and sales mail.


  • It builds websites and landing pages.
  • Helps in getting data about the contacts to personalize marketing for.
  • A/B testing to known converting messages.
  • Automation that makes work easy and simple.
  • Customer support.
  • The free has limited send mails.

8. GetResponse.

GetResponse is among the best-automated sales funnel platforms. It has great email marketing and highly converting landing pages.

You need the GetResponse platform to grow your business. They offer a lot of useful strategies like automation email marketing, good email templates, A/B testing for better analysis, track progress, personalization, segmentation and more.

It helps email optimization to increase the funnel’s conversion.

Use its drag-and-drop design builders to make quality email marketing campaigns.

It has a free plan for up to 500 subscribers.

GetResponse paid plan starts from $15.58/mo.


  • Can create paid ads for platforms such as Facebook, Google and Instagram.
  • Autoresponder emails to welcome customers and follow up.
  • Builds landing pages funnel to increase sales.
  • Visitors tracking and sending an appropriate email.
  • Automation that maximizes email lists and conversions.
  • Good customer support.
  • Limited free plan of up to 500.

9. MailerLite.

MailerLiter is a good email marketing platform that is easier to use and has clean designs.

It has basic email marketing tools like automation, landing pages, marketing integrations and much more. It makes sure your success through its campaign capability.

It has a free plan of up to 1000 subscribers and can send 12000 emails per month.

Their monthly paid plan starts at $10/mo.


  • Builds both websites and landing pages.
  • Signup forms that capture leads.
  • Email delivery and personalized email campaigns.
  • Customer support through email and chats.
  • Integration with other platforms.
  • Automation that is designed to capture leads that improve conversion rate.
  • Affordable price of $10/mo.

Limited free plan.

10. Moosend.

Moosend is email marketing that is advantageous to small businesses. It has a free plan and an affordable paid price of $9/mo.

It is a great marketing automation tool that builds your email lists and creates personalized emails.

It has good drag-and-drop email templates that make work easier by adding images and text.

Their templates are optimized for desktop and mobile.


  • Customizable templates.
  • A/B testing to see visitor engagement.
  • Landing page builder Opt-in forms to capture leads
  • Customer support.
  • Statistical data to track customers.
  • Easy to use dashboard.
  • Automation makes work easier by doing most of the work.
  • Good customer support.

Limited free plan.

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