7 Best AI Content Detectors ( Paid and Free)

What are the Best AI Content detector tools?

With the rise of plagiarism in the digital world, it has become essential to have a tool that detects duplicate content. The best AI Content Detectors tools are designed to detect plagiarized content in your article and help content creators avoid potential legal issues. 

These best AI content detectors use machine learning algorithms to scan through vast amounts of text in search of copied or recycled material. 

They also analyze other elements like grammar and readability to provide more accurate results. With these tools, content creators are assured that their work is protected from potential copyright infringement lawsuits.

AI assist in showing the scale of duplicity and AI content in the following:

1. Originality.ai.

Best AI Content Detectors

Originality.ai is one of the best AI content detectors available today. It helps content creators identify and monitor any plagiarism or copyright issues in their work. With this tool, writers have ensured their writing is original and free from any unauthorized use or duplication of other writers’ work.

Originality.ai has been designed to be extremely accurate, reliable and fast. It uses a sophisticated algorithm to quickly scan through large amounts of text to identify potential matches with existing sources on the web. In addition, it provides detailed reports that include the source information and potential violations which can be used for further investigation.

Originality.ai is a valuable tool for copywriters who want to protect their business from plagiarism or copyright infringement issues while ensuring its originality and integrity remain intact at all times.


  • AI detector and plagiarism checker.
  • Supports all-natural language processes.
  • Integrates other AI for important detections.
  • An accurate and reliable model of the detector.
  •  scan through large amounts of text to identify potential matches with existing sources on the web.


  • Price Starts from $20 for 2000 credits.
  • Reliable tool for improving website content.
  • Has a Chrome extension for easy workflow.
  • Detects plagiarism.
  • Lack of a free trial to start with.

2. Wiston AI.

Best AI Content Detectors

Winston is among the best AI content detectors tool that enables users to find the most relevant and accurate information for their content needs. It detects the best content from thousands of sources in a matter of seconds, making it incredibly efficient and reliable.

The tool uses AI to identify the best content from several sources, such as websites and social media platforms. 

It is designed to be intuitive, making it easy for users to find the information they need quickly and accurately. Additionally, Winston AI allows users to filter out any irrelevant or inaccurate results so they can focus on creating great quality content.


  • Specifies words written by AI in the article.
  • Can scan a large document for verification.
  • High accuracy for detection rate.
  • Can do more than one language detection.
  • Flexible pricing for your needs.


  • Free trial available.
  • Growth plans $14/mo.
  • Custom contact salesperson,
  • Plagiarism detection.
  • Readability score.
  • Accurate information.
  • The limited free plan of up to 2000 words.

3. Passed AI.

The advancement of artificial intelligence technology has made it easier than ever to find and detect content that is not up to standard. Automated AI content detectors are now being used by businesses and organizations around the world to ensure that their copywriters are producing high-quality, original material. 

It is some of the best AI Content Detectors Tools available today and exploring how it helps your business or organization maintain quality content. We will also look at some of the use cases for these tools, as well as how they can be used in combination with human editors. Finally, we’ll explore how these tools can help you save time and money while ensuring quality output from your copywriting team.


  • Proves if work is written by a student or AI.
  • 94% accuracy in showing whether it is written by ChatGPT.
  • Fast and accurate scoring.
  • LMS Integration.
  • Easy and simple to get started.
  • Secure your data.


  • Starter plan $12/mo
  • Teacher $35/mo.
  • Institutional contact for customizability.
  • Highly reliable tool.
  • Check plagiarism and AI written document.
  • No free trials.

4. Writer.com.

Writer.com is a unique platform that brings together the best AI Content Detectors Tools available in the market. It allows content writers to analyze their writing, detect potential plagiarism and errors and optimize their content for maximum impact. 

The website also provides useful tips on how to become an effective writer, improve grammar, and develop a writing style that resonates with readers. With its powerful AI tools, writer.com is truly the ultimate destination for professional copywriters and content creators of all levels!


  • AI content detector.
  • Detect potential plagiarism and errors and optimize their content for maximum impact. 
  • The ultimate destination for professional copywriters.
  • Writer.com can generate articles fast.
  • SEO-friendly posts.


  • FREE detector.
  • And its content generation plan starts from $18/mo
  • Easy to use the tool.
  • Detects plagiarism.
  • Limited to 1500 characters at a time.

5. Content at scale.

Content at scale is becoming increasingly important for businesses to succeed in a competitive online landscape. To keep up with the ever-evolving content needs of customers, AI-enabled content detectors are used to quickly and accurately detect relevant information from a large amount of data. 

Best AI content detectors help businesses identify the most important and relevant pieces of information in their data, saving them time and money while maintaining quality. 


  • Detects plagiarism and AI-written content.
  • Accurate and reliable.
  • Support several languages and free software to use.
  • It is perfect for SEO content, Educational content and marketing content.


  • Free.
  • It has both an AI content writer and a detector.
  • SEO-friendly content creator.
  • May not give the part written by AI but the percentage of AI documents in the content.

6. Copyleaks.

Copyleaks is one of the powerful AI content detectors that allow you to monitor and detect plagiarism in a given text. It uses Artificial Intelligence to compare the text against millions of online and offline sources, ensuring that the content is original. 

Additionally, it also offers advanced features such as detecting grammar errors and suggesting improvements.

 It is used to check any type of content, such as articles, blog posts, essays, books and more. With Copyleaks, you can easily detect any form of plagiarism in your documents before they are published or submitted. This makes it an ideal tool for writers, editors, publishers and anyone else who needs to ensure that their work is original and free from plagiarism.


  • AI content Detector.
  • API Integration.
  • LMS integration.
  • Chrome extension.
  • Plagiarism detector.
  • Detecting grammar errors and suggesting improvements.


  • Starts from $10/mo.
  • Simple to use.
  • Affordable plan.
  • Does not show the scoring.

Kazan SEO.

Getting the right SEO keywords for your website can be a difficult task. This is where the best AI Content Detectors Tools come in handy. With the help of AI Content Detector Tools, you easily identify and target the most relevant keywords for your website. 

You also use these tools to optimize your content and get maximum visibility on search engines.

These tools are designed to scan through your content and detect any potential issues that could be affecting your rankings and traffic. With AI Content Detector Tools, you ensure that you have the most up-to-date SEO practices in place and maximize the effectiveness of your website’s content.


  • AI content detector.
  • Target SEO Optimized content.


  • FREE.
  • Detects AI content and creates articles optimized with SEO.
  • Easy and User friendly.
  • Limited character per check.

Benefits of AI Detector Tools.

The best AI Content Detectors are becoming increasingly popular in the digital world. These tools are used by companies and organizations to detect online content that is similar to their own and identify potential issues such as copyright infringement, plagiarism, and more. By using AI Content Detectors, businesses ensure that their content is original and legally compliant.

These tools also help reduce the amount of time it takes to manually check each piece of content for accuracy and validity. The best AI Content Detector Tools are designed to quickly scan through large amounts of text or digital files in order to detect any potential issues. It is a powerful tool that saves time and resources while ensuring the integrity of your company’s content.

Limitation of the AI Detector Tools.

  • As sophisticated as Artificial Intelligence (AI) content detection tools have become, there are some limitations that prevent them from being the ultimate solution for plagiarism detection. They may not be able to detect all types of plagiarism, such as when a person paraphrases or modifies content in a way that is difficult to detect with an algorithm. 
  • Additionally, best AI content detectors may not be able to accurately identify the source of the material if it is in multiple languages or if the source material has been modified over time. 
  • Furthermore, the best AI content detectors are unable to provide context for plagiarism and therefore cannot differentiate between intentional and unintentional copying. As a result, it’s important for users of AI content detection tools to consider other measures of verification before making any decisions based on their results.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

DO AI Detectors find Plagiarism in articles?

These best AI content detectors help you detect plagiarism, check for duplicate content, and detect other forms of non-original content. Originality.ai  is a popular plagiarism detection tool that you can use to check for duplicate content on your website, blog, and elsewhere. 

It helps you find out if the text on your website is copied from other websites or sources without proper citations. You can also use this plagiarism detector tool to search for ‘plagiarized’ words on the internet and see how many instances of these words are found across various websites. This helps you determine whether or not there have been copyright violations at any point in time. 


AI Content Detection Tools have revolutionized the content writing industry and enabled copywriters to create more efficient, accurate, and valuable content with greater speed. 

These best AI content detectors help copywriters select the right keywords, detect plagiarism or duplicate content, flag grammar errors, check readability scores and so much more. 

The best AI Content Detection Tools provide copywriters with a way to focus on creating high-quality content without compromising on quality. In conclusion, these tools offer a tremendous opportunity for copywriters to take their craft to the next level.

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